White Widow strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  • 15-25% THC, 0.5-1% CBD
  • Easy Growing, 8-10 Weeks Flowering
  • Medium Height (5-8 FT)
  • 300-400g/m² Indoors, 500g/plant Outdoors
  • Earthy, Herbal, Spicy Flavor Profile
  • Feminized for Hassle-Free Cultivation
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $200


Discover the legendary White Widow strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 15-25% THC and 0.5-1% CBD. Ideal for relaxation or creative inspiration, its adaptability suits all growers. With an easy 8-10 weeks flowering time, this medium-sized plant yields 300-400g/m² indoors and 500g/plant outdoors. Its terpene-rich profile offers earthy, herbal, and spicy notes, creating a sensory delight. Experience the euphoric effects, fostering creativity and uplifting spirits. Choose feminized seeds for easy cultivation, eliminating the need to identify male plants. With free shipping on orders over $200, elevate your growing journey with Crop King Seeds‘ White Widow Feminized Strain.


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