AK-47 Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  • This strain is Sativa dominant that consists of 65% Sativa and 35% Indica.
  • The level of THC is up to 20%.
  • It is extremely easy to grow cannabis strains and is a fast flowering plant.
  • It comes with a mellow effect for creative or social activities.
  • It takes around 56 days or between 7 to 9 weeks for flowering.
  • The height of these plants reaches 19 to 27 inches.
  • Production of around 120 grams per square meter of usable products.


➔ Plant type: 35% Indica 65% Sativa
➔ THC: Up to 20%
➔ CBD level: 1.5%
➔ Flowers: 8 weeks
➔ Yields: 4 to 6 oz per 3x3ft


While it might have the same name as a weapon, AK-47 auto-flower cannabis seeds have grown a gentle, mellow bud. This Ak-47 auto-flower cannabis strain is recognized and enjoyed throughout the world. This strain has won a huge variety of awards that used to reflect its popularity and quality.

It is extremely crucial to know about what is actually meant by auto-flowering for completely appreciating the advantages of growing this strain of marijuana. The marijuana plants are photosensitive in the wild. It means that the transition of plants from the vegetative phase into the flowering phase only happens when the amount of darkness at night gets changed with the fall season.

The hours of uninterrupted darkness assist the marijuana plant to know that the weather is going to get cold very soon, so it requires to start finishing up the harvesting.

AK-47 Autolflower Plants

The AK-47 auto-flowering cannabis strain is preferred to be grown in a nicely ventilated area where the weather is not too much humid. Temperatures must be relatively cool, but a lot of light or sunlight is required along with abundant fresh air.

Preferred Climate for AK-47 Plants

Overall this plant is compact that is much like auto-flowering strains of cannabis but it is quite a high yielding. But mold and rot are such kinds of threats to this plant. This plant is best grown outdoors and the reason behind this is it requires ventilation, but you can also grow these indoors.

Flowering & Yield

You can have the expectation from these plants to take around 56 days or between 7 to 9 weeks for flowering as these are extremely fast-growing seeds. The height of the plants will end up between 19 and 27 inches, and these will likely do the production of around 120 grams per square meter of usable products.

Taste & Smell of AK-47 Plants

The smell of the AK-47 cannabis strain is mostly earthy. But, there is also a sour tinge to it. Overall the smell of this strain is a bit strong, meanwhile sour and earthy are the most noticeable fragrances. This strain also has a huge variety of other scents that are mixed into one pleasant combination.




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