How To Clone Cannabis Plants?


If you are reading this article, then the chances are higher that you are just going to start for becoming a cultivator of marijuana. Or that you are a newbie to do the cultivation of marijuana. Anyways, it is a great way to start to learn how to clone marijuana plants.

One of the most worthwhile endeavors for which someone might pursue is to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors. Whether you are doing the cultivation of marijuana for adult use, medical use. Or you are doing it for having fun, you must have trust that you are in for having an amazing time. The reason is that the marijuana plant is one of the most fun plants on Earth for doing the cultivation.

Whereas numerous other plants take a very long time for showing signs of new life. On the other hand, when the cultivation of marijuana plants happens in a proper way. You can grow and quickly provide daily gratification. In addition to this, if you are doing the cultivation of marijuana for consumption.

Obviously, there is a fantastic reward in the form of marijuana flowers after the completion of the harvesting. However, you will first have to begin at step one before getting to the point of reaping that reward.

It is a good idea to start from a marijuana seed. It is for those who are having experience of doing the cultivation of other plants from seed. Or they are having time for getting the seed for germination and for growing.

It is to the point when there can be transplantation of it. Those people have the desire of speeding up the process. It is a better route to make use of marijuana clones. It is also a much better route to make sure that the plant is female.

What is meant by a Cannabis Clone?

Those people who are new to the cultivation of clones. A cannabis “clone” is a kind of genetically identical cutting from the parent plants.

The process is inclusive of cutting a small branch from an already established marijuana plant. Most often it refers to as a “mother plant”. It is to get the establishment of its own root system for becoming the own marijuana plant.

This is extremely crucial for the beginner cultivators of marijuana to be aware of the process behind what is going into the cloning of a marijuana plant. It is because when they get a clone, they are aware of what they are acquiring.

Also, it is a great way to share the genetics of marijuana. If you will find a marijuana cultivar that you love. And you don’t have the desire of seeing it go away post-harvest. Then cloning of marijuana plant makes sure that your cultivar is capable of staying around for enjoying again and again.

The Process of Cloning

The first step in the process of cloning is to locate a healthy parent plant. If you are not having one in your possession, then you will have the requirement of finding a kind friend who does. We recommend you to take clones from a mother plant that is vegetative or which is in the veg stage not in the flowering stage.

The next step in this process is to find out a branch on the marijuana plant that is appropriate for cloning. You will particularly have the desire to look for a branch that is having new growth. It is with at least some of the few sub-branches that are coming out of it.

You would not have the desire of cutting a branch that is extremely big. The reason is that there are chances that it will not become a rooted clone. Conversely, you would not have the desire of cutting a tiny branch. The reason is that you have the desire for an eventually rooted clone. It is for being sufficiently strong for becoming a large, healthy plant. You must look for a branch segment that is 8-10 inches long.

When you would find a branch that is appropriate, you must cut off and ensure not to leave a ‘stub’. You must also ensure that the cut is flush with the larger branch from which you are removing it. Otherwise, the original plant could have the experience of branch rot.

Then you must cut the base of the clone from there at a 45-degree angle. It will assist in enhancing the surface area of the inside of the base of the clone. It is extremely crucial for the next process.

The next step would instantly follow the initial 45 degrees cutting of angle. It is to dip the base of the clone in a rooting hormone. Rooting hormones may come in numerous forms that are inclusive of a cloning gel, a watery mixture, or a rooting powder. For getting the best results, you must read the directions on the label. And you have to cover as much of the exposed tissues of the plant with powder or gel as it is possible.

The rooting hormone is going to speed up the process of rooting. And it will result in the clone roots that are coming in faster and healthier.

You have to place the clone in a grow medium from there. It is that to which you give preference and place it under low-intensity grow lights. These are the things that make use of CFL bulbs. It happens until in 1-3 weeks there is a solid root base. Rockwool cubes are a common medium. However, there are others that are inclusive of “super soil” and organic soil.

Humidity is very crucial

It is extremely crucial that your new marijuana clones are sometimes referred to as “root cuttings”. These stay in a proper environment that has humidity and that is fairly harmful.

A simple humidity dome might assist in a great deal for ensuring that your clones grow in an environment. It is conducive to the process of rooting. The selling of humidity domes happens at most garden stores & in garden sections that are of major retailers. Typically, they come with a tray on which the placement of clones must happen. These come with little vents which might be opened and closed as and when required.

You must daily check the humidity dome for ensuring that there is sufficient moisture in the mini-ecosystem. If you don’t come to see some condensation on the walls of the dome. Probably it is high time to facilitate the inside of the dome a spray through a standard spray bottle with room temperature water.

If you are having the financial resources for doing so, then you must take into consideration purchasing a clone box. A clone box is used to keep the bottoms of the root cuttings moist at all times through an automatic sprayer that constantly does the administration of root hormones. The boxes of clones are not cheap. And certainly, there is no requirement of these for the creation of marijuana clones. However, they do take a larger amount of labor and guesswork out of the process.

Once your clone has become a healthy root base. The transplantation of it may happen into a larger container. Then the cultivation of the plant may happen like any other marijuana plant!


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