Wedding Cake Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  • This Wedding Cake Autoflower strain consists of 70% Indica & 30% Sativa
  • It is an easy growing strain for both indoors and outdoors
  • This strain comes with a balanced level of THC that is around 17%
  • Wedding Cake Autoflowers serve you with relaxation while remaining sharp
  • The size of these plants is average
  • The flowering time of Wedding Cake is between 9 to 10 weeks


➔ Plant Type: 70% Indica & 30% Sativa
➔ THC: Up to 17%
➔ CBD: Insignificant amounts
➔ Plant size: Average
➔ Flowers: 9 to 10 weeks


Bringing two different people together in matrimony can do the production of extremely beautiful results and the same thing can be said for marijuana. By mixing Indica and Sativa genetics a breeder can do the creation of beautiful new strains, and the Wedding Cake strain of marijuana is absolutely a match that is made in heaven.

This delicious hybrid strain of marijuana is a great way for getting relaxed while staying sharp throughout the night. You will feel very relaxed and happy just like the big event is finally open and it is high time for celebration. It is not hard to grow wedding cake auto flower plants. These convenient plants are resistant to common weed diseases, environmental problems, and pests.

Ruderalis genetics make the Wedding Cake Autoflowering plants highly capable of handling all sorts of conditions prevailing inside and outside. This in turn makes it the perfect option for new growers. These plants usually tend to remain dense and short just like most of the auto-flowering strains. It comes with the bushy traits of Indica in spite of its hybrid genetics.

Just like many hybrid strains of cannabis, the Wedding Cake Autoflower plant is an exceptional blend of the parent strains of it which are also hybrids. It means that this strain is suitable for growing in numerous environments. You are only required to ensure to do the protection of your plants from extreme temperatures.

Flowering & Yield

When these wedding cake auto-flower plants are grown indoors they can flower in just about 8 weeks. You can have the expectation from these plants to stay three feet or even shorter than that. The yields from these plants on average are about 4-6 ounces per square yard indoors or when these are grown outdoors 4-6 ounces per plant. Training these plants correctly with lower-stress techniques will assist in the maximization of your yield.

Experiencing the Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake auto-flowering strain of marijuana is a great way for celebrating special days or to unwind. It comes with a THC content that can flex between daily use and celebrations. The 17% THC levels of this strain keep even frequent users happy. Meanwhile, casual users can get indulged during their special events. Either way, this strain can facilitate you with a smooth inhale and a sweet exhale.

Sativa’s ancestry of wedding cake is evident in its uplifting high. The long-lasting results of this strain make it a favorite strain for anyone who is in search of getting relaxed without experiencing a couchlock. This strain does not make the users disappointed. It leaves the users buzzed for hours without any stress.

Taste & Smell of Wedding Cake Autoflowers

Those people who enjoy mild scents used to also love the Wedding Cake Autoflowers. These plants come with a light, sweet odor that is extremely great for discreet users. However, these are mild, the smell of it is still delicious. You will come to notice that the sweet, vanilla notes become stronger once they are lit. From there, the scent of ginger gets emerged from these as a spicy counterpoint. There also comes a fruity cherry scent along with this strain.

The flavor of Wedding Cake Autoflower matches its aroma. Gently sweet vanilla is combined with a hint of nuttiness and ginger. There also comes an earthy undertone that is an indication that the Durban Poison has catalyzed both Cherry Pie & Girl Scout Cookies. It is basically a tasty counterpart to the sweeter notes which assists Wedding Cake Autoflowers to feel more well-rounded. The sweet, earthy flavor of this strain is absolutely exceptional, and most people give rave reviews to this strain for the flavor profile and the entire taste of it.

Uses of Wedding Cake Autoflowers

Just like the parent strains of it Wedding Cake Autoflower is a perfect way for chilling out and for boosting your mood. The euphoric high of this is a fun and comforting way for handling everything from depression to stress to anxiety. This strain is also great for tension and pain. Numerous people assume it as a pain relief method that doesn’t put them to sleep. Other people love this strain for its capability to give relief in nausea and for stimulation of the appetite.


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