White Widow Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  • White Widow Autoflower contains 60% Indica & 40% Sativa
  • The levels of THC of White Widow is up to 19%
  • It is extremely easy to grow White Widow plants
  • These serve with euphoric high with extremely powerful mental buzz
  • All these auto-flowers are feminized
  • The size of the White Widow plants is compact
  • The flowering time of White Widow Autoflowering plants is about 8 weeks


➔ Plant Size: 60% Indica & 40% Sativa
➔ THC: Up to 19%
➔ CBD: Insignificant amounts
➔ Plant size: Compact
➔ Flowers: 8 weeks
➔ Yields: 4 to 6 oz per 3*3ft


If you will go to visit any coffee shop in Amsterdam, then there are higher chances for you to explore White Widow Autoflower Cannabis. This Indica hybrid strain of marijuana has been popular since the 1990s for the cerebral high mixed of it that comes with a mellow sense of relaxation. It serves you with those chill happy vibes that numerous people associate with marijuana. White Widow Autoflower cannabis seeds are extremely easy for you to grow at home!

White Widow seeds are highly loved by people not because that it is highly potent, but also because that it is sufficiently potent. The higher than average THC levels of it will not do the production of couchlock or many of the undesirable effects that used to come with highly potent strains. As it is an auto flower strain, so it is easy to grow it and these are also small plants. This strain is particularly useful for those people who are growing indoors or who are new to growing cannabis.

Preferred Climate

The auto-flowering version of White Widow Autoflowers might be grown in just about any setup. But most often you will be recommended for indoor growing with more control. This White Widow Autoflowers perform well against diseases, and it thrives in sunny and heat conditions.

But it is also eligible to perform quite well in cooler climates. White Widow Autoflowers can withstand a huge variety of different environments as well as environmental changes. The hardness of this plant assists in leading to consistently high yields.

Flowering & Yield

White Widow Autoflowering Cannabis plants can do the production of approximately 4 ounces per 3 square feet of plants indoors under optimal conditions. The flowering time of this strain lasts between 8 and 9 weeks. You can have the expectation from these plants to reach heights on an average of between 20 and 24 inches.

Experiencing with the White Widow Autoflowering Strain

If we have to describe the effects of White Widow Autoflowers in just two words, then it would be happiness and relaxation. Unlike numerous Indica strains of marijuana, it is a gentle relaxation. You are not at all likely to experience couchlock which in turn makes it a suitable strain for using in the daytime. Numerous people describe the experience of this strain as a gentle bliss of uplifting energy which is suitable for a social high. The effects of White Widows are mostly head-based with light bodily effects.

Just like numerous hybrid strains, there are some chances that you might get a feeling of little dizziness or it can develop headache, particularly when you over do it. Paranoia and anxiety are rare with this cannabis strain, but there are higher chances that you may have the requirement of some extra water or eye drops.

Taste & Smell of White Widow Autoflowers

White Widow Autoflowers come with an earthy and pungent scent that serves away the Indica roots of it. There are also some spicy, tangy, and fruity aromas, but these are mostly experienced as an aftertaste. You will experience more of its sweetness flavor-wise that is mixed with a woodsy or even pine flavor. Overall the aroma and taste of this strain are complex and worthy of savoring.

Uses for White Widow Autoflowers

Basically, White Widow Autoflowers is a widely popular mood-boosting strain for regular users. The reason is its moderately high THC levels & reliable effects. As a well-balanced hybrid strain with some CBD, this strain is preferable for using daytime because of the low likeliness for causing couchlock. However, White Widow Autoflower is an Indica dominant strain of marijuana, but the Sativa characteristics of it can assist in boosting your energy while the feel-good aspect of it can minimalize the effects of stress.

However, those Sativa characteristics of this strain are not abundantly strong for preventing a good nights’ rest. This in turn makes White Widow Autoflowres an all-around well-balanced strain of marijuana for just about anything which is related to stressful situations or overwork. This strain of marijuana can also assist in boosting your appetite and assist in soothing even the most hardcore bad mood.


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