Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • This Big Bud feminized strain consists of 60% Indica & 40% Sativa hybrid
  • These big buds are feminized seeds for serving you with guaranteed bud
  • Big Bud is known for the easy to grow high yielding bud of it
  • This strain facilitates you with full-body effects that are deeply and truly relaxing
  • It comes with a pleasant earthy flavor with a spicy undertone


➔ Plant Type: 60% Indica & 40% Sativa
➔ THC: Up to 16%
➔ CBD: Insignificant amounts
➔ Flowers: 9 weeks
➔ Yields: 16 to 25 oz per 3*3ft


Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds are widely popular to serve with a happy, upbeat feeling. But it also makes your body deeply relaxed which in turn makes it a powerful strain for good vibes. Cannabis growers used to love these high-yielding cannabis seeds.

Most often it tops the list of both home gardens and commercial grows. This strain of marijuana is a win for just about anyone with the THC levels of it that can reach 16%. Big Bud strain is extremely popular for the production of massive buds. These buds do the production of a spicy, earthy aroma that is complemented by sweet fruity flavors.

As the stalks of these plants are extremely thick, it is a wise decision to facilitate them with support by making use of tensioned strings or wires. Big Bud is considered a pretty easy strain for growing in spite of its size. But, for getting the best outcome you must top and bend the plants early on for encouraging better horizontal growth.

Preferred Climate

You can grow this Big Bud strain of marijuana both indoors as well as outdoors in warm climates. These plants might grow to be more than the height of 5 feet high. So, some people give preference to grow these outdoors for getting the maximum height potential.

However, some expert growers of cannabis recommend doing the creation of a hydroponic setup indoors for growing Big Bud. This method will just enhance the size of the buds and stalks them. You have a requirement for those thick branches to hold the weight of the massive flowers of this strain.

Flowering & Yield

When you are going to grow the Big Bud strain indoors, you may have the expectation of 12 to 20 ounces per square meter of yield. This strain must take about 7-9 weeks for the plants to flower completely that is inclusive of curing time. If you are desired of getting the best results, you have to ensure to provide support in those areas where the branches become very heavy. It will do the prevention of your plants from bending or snapping.

It is also possible to grow this Big Bud strain outside. However, this plant best thrives in sunny, Mediterranean-like climates. This will serve you with yields that are around 25 ounces per plant or even more than that. The harvesting of the big bud strain takes place in the month of October.

Experience with Big Bud Strain

Big Bud strain serves the users with an absolutely relaxed feeling. It affects both the body and the brain of the users. This strain is known as a “go to sleep” strain, which is perfect for taking in the time of evening when you are not having anything to do. Big Bud is a pack of powerful buzz that usually starts off slowly. Then it creeps up on you, by doing the production of a euphoric high which facilitates you to feel elated, yet sleepy. Most of the users usually say that they feel happy and chilled out with this slightly Indica dominant strain of marijuana.

Just like most of the strains of marijuana Big Bud might be the reason for dry mouth, dry eyes, and excessive hunger. There are also chances that if you make excessive use of it then you might feel headaches. Some people also report dizziness or paranoia, but in most cases it is rare.

Taste & Smell of Big Bud

Fans of Big Bud say that this strain of marijuana smells really very good. But the taste of it is even better. This big bud strain comes with a sweet taste with a hint of spice. You can take your time for noticing the fruity undertones, sometimes that is accompanied by juicy grape flavors. It serves you with a very smooth smoke along with a balanced high.

It facilitates you with a faint, fruity smell with every toke. The sweet aroma of this strain is known for bringing the fruity taste straight to your palate. So, every hit of it is deliciously delectable. The aroma of it is both earthy and spicy, unlike any other marijuana strain.


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