Alpine Star CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Why should you purchase Alpine Star CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

  • Alpine Star CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds holds perfection for making your own CBD oil
  • These Alpine Stars comes with medicinal properties
  • These are not possessing any stoned or high effect


Are you desired of growing a CBD strain the THC content of which is minimal Then the Alpine Star CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds are the perfect choice for you. These marijuana seeds are appropriate for all your capabilities. In fact, they used to boast an excellent seed germination rate and are also extremely easy for growing!

The Alpine Star CBD Feminized Cannabis strain comes with a CBD content that might reach as much as 20% high and it is extremely rare. The Alpine Star CBD is an ideal option for every person who is desired of growing their own high-quality CBD cannabis as it is combined with a barely traceable THC content of 0.1% – 0.3%. This strain is particularly appropriate for the home production of CBD oil.


Alpine Star CBD Feminized Cannabis strain is a hybrid that consists of 50% Sativa & 50% Indica. It refers to you that you are going to get the best qualities of both kinds of marijuana.

Growing Alpine Star CBD Feminized Plants (Indoors & Outdoors)

If you are desired of growing a strain that has maximum CBD content, this strain marijuana strain is absolutely for you. In fact, Alpine Star CBD Feminized strain is one of the highest producing strains of CBD throughout the world.

You are facilitated to grow marijuana with a maximum CBD content of 20% with this strain that is combined with a minimal amount of THC that is 0.1%-0.3%. You will not only be facilitated with high, but you will only get the experience of the beneficial effects of CBD. This marijuana strain is highly appropriate for making your own CBD oil.

You can grow this Alpine Star marijuana strain indoors as well as outdoors. But, this strain will thrive best in dry, warm, and Mediterranean climates. Furthermore, this strain is a hybrid that comprises 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genetics. This in turn makes this marijuana strain highly balanced and easy for growing!

It is worth noting for you that nutrition is extremely crucial for you if you have the desire to successfully growing. But, for achieving this you must follow the feeding instructions carefully. This Alpine Star CBD is highly sensitive to overfeeding. So, there is a requirement of paying close attention to quantities.


You must make use of training methods, for instance, Screen of Green or Sea of Green for the maximization of yields. You must not be tempted for harvesting very early and you have to leave it until the last possible minute if you want to get optimal levels of CBD.

Flowering Time

This Alpine Star CBD feminized plants are known for boasting a flowering time that is approximately 63 to 70 days. During flowering, these plants do the development of extremely beautiful light green buds with orange hairs & lovely white which is surrounded by millions of CBD & CBN trichomes.

Plant Height

Alpine Star CBD is a highly beautiful and easy-to-manage plant that doesn’t grow
unmanageably tall. This strain is also very ideal for indoor growing. When these plants are grown indoors, their average height is varying between 60 cm & 80 cm. On the other hand, the outdoor height of these plants is about 1.2 meters.

Yields from Alpine Star CBD Feminized Marijuana Plants

Alpine Star CBD Feminized is a medium-yielding strain of marijuana. When you will grow this strain indoors, then the yields from this strain will be 150 & 250 gm/m2.

On the other hand, if you will grow it outdoors under the right conditions then you can do the achievement of yields which are between 300 & 400 gm/m2. For a comparatively small plant, it is not too disappointing with such exceptional properties!

Effects of Alpine Star CBD strain

You are not going to experience psychoactive effects or will not feel stoned as the THC content is extremely low. It signifies that you will not get benefit from the therapeutic properties of this marijuana strain and can continue your daily activities by having a clear mind.

The effect of this Alpine Star CBD marijuana strain focuses on the body and one can best describe it as the ultimate feeling of relaxation. You may continue with this strain to feel cozy, awake, and you might experience a slight sense of euphoria.

Side Effects

As the Alpine Star is a high CBD strain, so it is not associated with any unwanted side effects instead for dry eyes and dry mouth.

Taste & smell

Alpine Star CBD feminized marijuana facilitates with a sweet aroma reminiscent of tangerine & lemon. This marijuana strain is combined with the earthy notes of a fresh mown heather and pine. It is a marijuana strain that is remarkably balanced in taste & aroma.



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