Critical Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • THC Level: 20%
  • CBD Level: 0.5%
  • Plant Size: 30% Sativa / 20% Ruderalis / 50% Indica
  • Genetics: Skunk #1 * Lowryder * Big Bud
  • Max Yield Indoor: 400 to 450 gm/m2
  • Max Yield Outdoor: 450 to 600 gm/m2
  • Height Indoor: 55 to 65 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 70 to 110 cm

Why Should You Buy Critical Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

➔ These Critical Autoflowers are easy in growing and are suitable for beginner growers of marijuana
➔ These seeds serve with fantastic yields
➔ These Critical auto plants take short time for harvesting


Critical Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis strain is characterized by a juicy and sweet scent, relaxing body high, and vigorous growth. Critical Auto is that strain which can’t go wrong. A similar thing is applied to the critical feminized auto-flowering marijuana seeds. Critical Autoflower is combined with Ruderalis and displays all the excellent qualities of its parents which are mainly Skunk#1, Lowryder, and Big Bud.

Those consumers who are familiar with Critical are also well aware of its highly sweet scent and intense aroma. Critical Autoflowers also do follow these instructions to the letter & serves with the guarantee to the smoker of similar intensity. This in turn has made this weed family be well-loved by people. You will have a feeling that you are already relaxed as the strong physical high used to kick in. This in turn makes it an ideal choice for relaxing on the sofa.

Growing Critical Autoflowers (Indoor & Outdoor)

Critical Auto is an easy-to-grow variety of auto-flowers and comes with a complex cross of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis strains. This mix of these strains does the production of vigorous plants with dense, large buds, along with a heavy Indica effect of the Critical.

However, Critical Autoflower is relatively stocky and small, its structure is open, which facilitates light to reach the entire plant and for yielding better and larger quality.

Critical Autos does not have the requirement of much fertilization and also does not have the requirement of much care. And this is the reason that it is recommended for inexperienced users. These are extremely generous plants that used to grow with strength and remain healthy without having any requirement of special attention.

A contribution of coconut fibers at the rate of 30% and the improvement of the soil will be greatly appreciated by this Critical Autoflower strain of marijuana with genetically programmed auto-flowering qualities. This strain will give flowers even in the situation when the photoperiod does not lend itself to it.

Flowering Time

Critical Autoflowers are very quick in growing and these will complete their entire flowering cycle in just about 63 to 70 days.

Plant Height

Critical Autoflower plants do the development of a very vigorous and beautiful plant that even at the time of flowering may reach a height that is just over a meter when these are grown outdoors. The branches of these plants extend both horizontally and vertically and the few leaves of these plants facilitate it with light penetration and good aeration. This Critical Autoflower strain is also ideal for the production of beautiful and large buds. Those who are growing this strain indoors will find this strain easy to manage as the typical indoor heights of these plants are only 55 to 65 cm.

Yield From Critical Autoflower Cannabis Strain

These Critical Autoflower plants do the production of extremely good yields! These Critical Autoflowers have large and dense buds with a skunk and sweet aroma that may reach up to 400 to 450 gm/m2 when these are grown indoors and when these are grown outdoors these may reach up to 450 to 600 gm/m2.

Effects of Critical Autoflowering Strain

The high which you get from Critical Autoflowers is more bodily than cerebral and serves you with tremendous muscle relaxation that used to invite relaxation. Mostoften when you do the consumption of Critical Auto for therapeutic purposes, these are an excellent asset in the fight against insomnia. But, these are also absolutely ideal for serving a good moment of relaxation. These weeds are also widely popular for featuring a euphoric effect in small doses. On the other hand, high doses do the generation of complete peace and even some fatigue.

In terms of medical potential, Critical Autoflower is perfect for assisting with the treatment of a huge range of conditions, It is inclusive of muscle spasms, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety, & a host of physical ailments.

Side Effects

Critical Autoflower Cannabis is a strain that is highly balanced which results in a smooth and nice smoke. It does not have its association with any unpleasant side effects other than the ubiquitous cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Taste & Smell

Critical Autoflowers marijuana strain comes with a luscious aroma which is made up of lemony fruit scents, spicy and herbal nuances. The flavor of this strain is sweet and it holds well in the mouth.


Critical Autoflower is a marijuana strain that results from the marriage of Skunk#1 with Big Bud, Ruderalis, and the Lowryder. This marijuana strain is ideal for inexperienced growers of marijuana who are desired of getting their hands on it before embarking on the more complex mysteries of marijuana cultivation.




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