Santa Maria Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

  • THC level: 12%
  • CBD level: 0.7%
  • Plant Size: 0% Sativa / 80% Indica / 20% ruderalis
  • Genetics: Santa Maria x Ruderalis
  • Max yield indoor: 450 to 550 grams/m²
  • Max yield outdoor: 500 to 600 grams/m²
  • Height indoor: 40 to 80 cm
  • Height outdoor: 80 to 120 cm
  • Flowering time: 56 to 63 days

Why Should You Buy Santa Maria Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

➔ Santa Maria is extremely easy to grow
➔ These become very quickly ready for harvesting
➔ Generous yields
➔ These Santa Maria are a lovely stone


Don’t you like to wait at least six months for your harvest and are you desired of growing extremely high-quality weed? Then you can check out the possibilities associated with Santa Maria Autoflower Marijuana Seeds. You are facilitated to grow 77 to 84 days on insanely delicious marijuana weed.

The Santa Maria is a widely popular marijuana strain that has been part of the most legendary varieties of marijuana. It is from numerous years & now it is available as an auto-flower. These plants are extremely easy to grow and do not have the requirement of excessive attention. But, it always does the production of a higher good yield. Do you have very little or no experience in growing marijuana? Then Santa Maria Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are guaranteed to serve with satisfaction to your requirements.

Growing Santa Maria Autoflower Cannabis (Indoors & Outdoors)

You can consider the Autoflowering version of Santa Maria as a real strain of beginners. It means that it is an easy-to-grow strain and does not have any requirement of a lot of maintenance. If you are growing this strain for the very first time, then this strain is ideal for you.

You can grow Santa Maria Autoflower strain indoors or outdoors. It is an extremely beautiful auto-flowering hybrid variety that is going to put a smile on your face. It is that marijuana plant that performs well in areas that are having mild summers and doesn’t mind the occasional rain shower.

However, slightly enhanced sensitivity to mold is the thing that you must take into account. Therefore, you are recommended to keep your plant away from damp, humid places. Over-watering might create a problem for you.

So, you must adopt proper measures and you must keep a glance at your plants when these are getting excessive water. In this way, quickly you can detect signs of mold. You are not required to get excessively worried about your problems as long as you do that.

You are suggested to top the plant for reducing the chance of mold, and we also recommend you for SCROG. Tops and Scrog also encourage your plant to grow widely which enhances your yields. This is also a way of strengthening your stems for reducing the chance of breaking branches.

Flowering Time

The auto-flowering Santa Maria will have a flowering time that is around 56 to 63 days. The short flowering time of this strain used to make it an attractive choice for every person who is desired of enjoying high-quality weed very quickly.


A light cycle that is of 18/6 is just sufficient. But, you can also put these in a light cycle of 20/4.

Plant Height

Santa Maria Autoflower Plants are described as a small but powerful marijuana plants. It is a plant that has a large central cola. When you will grow these plants indoors, they reach an average height that is about 40 cm to 80 cm. And when you will grow these plants outdoors, they reach an average height that is about 80 to 120 cm and will do the development of numerous side branches.

Yields From Santa Maria Autoflowers

However, the height of these plants is low, it does not signify that these will do less productive. This plant puts all of its energy, which it has saved in the growth phase, into the flowering phase for the production of rock-hard, THC-rich buds.

When you are growing these plants outdoors these are going to delight you under a bright sun, with a sky-high yield that may reach 500 to 600 gm/m2. And when you are going to grow these plants indoors, these are capable of yielding 450 to 550 gm/m2.

Effects of Santa Maria Autoflowers

Santa Maria auto-flowers strain boasts an average THC content that is around 12% with 0.7% of CBD levels. Therefore, you are not going to be blown away by an overwhelming stone. These are a lot more relaxing than contemporary weeds, most often which exceeds the level of THC that is about 20%.

The effect of this strain will leave you wonderfully relaxed and will also bring you into a euphoric state. Therefore, these Santa Maria weeds are a widely popular choice for medicinal use. In addition to this, these can also serve you with a powerful effect on your libido.

Side Effects

Santa Maria Autoflower marijuana strain is an extremely nice mellow strain. These are not accompanied by unpleasant side effects. And sometimes these are not associated with more potent strains. If you used to suffer from dry eyes and a dry mouth while smoking, then you must drink abundant water for staying hydrated.

Taste & Smell

The weed that is coming from the Santa Maria Autoflowering plants comes with a sweet smell in which you can recognize citrus and fruits. The taste of these weeds matches with the aroma where you will experience a deliciously sweet taste along with strong hits of citrus scents and fruity-floral flavors.

The aftertaste of Santa Maria is slightly earthier & lavender just like an authentic sweet floral aroma. It is a great strain for smoking and it is absolutely gentle on your throat. This marijuana strain is not going to make you cough violently, just like sailing through a steady ocean.


Santa Maria Autoflowers are a cross between the Ruderalis & Santa Maria. Therefore, its genetics comprises 20% Ruderalis and 80% Indica for adding the desired auto-flowering qualities.

By crossing Santa Maria with a Ruderalis which comprises the auto-flowering genetics, it can automatically flower, regardless of the number of light hours. It signifies that you can enjoy the benefits of an easy-growing strain without having to compromise with the quality of the classic South American strain.



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