Is it Healthy to Eat Cannabis Seeds?


Sativa present in cannabis belongs to industrial hemp. Each part of the plant facilitates numerous benefits:

  • Flower: is having extremely powerful mood-changing and medicinal properties
  • Seeds: have an abundant amount of vegetable amino acids and fatty acids that are necessary for the body.
  • Stalk: is belonging to the most substantial natural production source of industrial fibers worldwide
  • Leaves & Roots: it enriches the soil with highly valuable nutrients. The reason is that a farmer could facilitate numerous marijuana plants for flourishing per season.

Special features of Cannabis Seeds

Hemp seeds are the small seeds of the hemp seed plant Marijuana Sativa. They are having a white pulp, olive-green, glossy protective cover, and are about 2-4mm wide and long.

Hemp oil and marijuana seeds from Cannabis Sativa are not intoxicating in comparison to the Indian Hemp Marijuana Indica. The Cannabis Sativa plant is containing only a tiny amount which is less than 0.2% or no THC at all.

On the other hand, cannabis Indica plays a very crucial role in the manufacturing of medicine and drugs.

Healthy Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana seeds give strength to your immune system. Consequently, it promotes the elimination of toxins and gives support to the healing process. They also facilitate all of the essential amino acids that the human body is not eligible for producing on its own. Therefore, it enhances the building and repairing of cells and expect also reduces the susceptibility to disease.

Marijuana seeds are also having an abundant amount of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. The human body has the requirement of both fatty acids for numerous cellular processes. They boost immune activity, lower harmful triglycerides, promote heart health, improve digestion, etc. Likewise, they are also suitable for the brain, and for enhancing physical energy.

The body also makes use of the omega 6 fatty acids as a building block for anti-inflammatory hormones. It also supports the healing process of asthma, eczema, allergies, acne, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids also make it easier for burning fat, lowering the bad cholesterol level. It makes sure that you are getting shiny hair, healthy nails, and beautiful skin.

Marijuana seeds also contain a sufficient amount of Vitamin E, numerous minerals, etc. It also contains trace elements, for instance: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Along with this, it contains, chlorophyll, antioxidants, fiber, and immune-supporting secondary plant substances.

Zinc and Vitamin E are having antioxidant effects. It does the protection of the cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Iron assists in the distribution of oxygen-rich red blood cells all through the body. Similarly, magnesium plays a very huge role in hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.

The complex nutritional composition in marijuana seeds assists in the elimination of unwanted toxins from the body. It also assists in stimulating fat burning. Simultaneously, it also supports the hormonal balance, along with lowering the high cholesterol level.

In comparison to some protein shakes or whey, the protein present in the hemp marijuana seeds is easily digestible for most. Most often numerous protein shakes and whey leads to gas and air pockets in the intestines.

The vegetable protein of the marijuana seeds is extremely easy to digest. And unlike soy products is not containing any phytic acid.

Effects of Cannabis Seeds

Promotion of the regeneration of the muscles by Hemp seeds

Most often the body is over-acidic after a strenuous exercise. The Vitamin E and numerous minerals present in marijuana seeds assist in bring the pH back into balance of the body. The necessary fats come with anti-inflammatory effects. These support the healing process and regeneration of the small muscle cells.

The muscle can do the regeneration faster, muscle soreness will reduce. The acidification of the body will get balanced.

Hemp Seeds enhance testosterone levels

Testosterone is a very crucial muscle-stimulating hormone. It assists in the promotion of muscle activity and muscle growth. In addition to this, marijuana seeds comprise numerous nutrients that support the production and function of testosterone.

Testosterone releases from the binding protein SHBG with the assistance of the magnesium in marijuana seeds. And it becomes bioavailable to the body. It promotes the growth of muscles and enhances the level of testosterone in the blood.

Aspartic acid is a widely popular non-essential amino acid. You can find this in marijuana seeds and the use of it will be in the production of signaling molecules. As a result, these molecules do the promotion of testosterone levels and the number of sperm in the male body. Marijuana seeds also facilitate aspartic acid and magnesium in large quantities.

Cannabis seeds serve with energy

Marijuana seeds serve with more energy if you will eat 4 tablespoons of raw hemp seeds with fresh fruit in the morning. It will enhance your productivity and your capability of concentrating.

Marijuana seeds comprise special fats that enhance the performance of the brain along with proteins that stimulate cell activity. Both of these serve as a good source of energy for the body. It also reduces the requirement for other stimulants such as energy drinks, chocolate, sugar, coffee, or other sugary drinks.

Marijuana seeds improve memory

The brain has the requirement of vitamins and fats for functioning optimally. The omega-3 fatty acids in marijuana seeds will convert through numerous processes in the body. People make use of these as a crucial source of energy for the brain and complete nervous system.

It also improves mood and memory and decreases the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Regular consumption of marijuana seeds might also reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Cannabis seeds assist you in losing weight

The combination of nutrients present in marijuana seeds ensures a faster feeling of satiety. It decreases your cravings for sweets, enhances metabolism. It also enhances motivation for training and physical activity. The fats which they contain also assists in burning fat, and fiber. It will assist in the excretion of more toxins which makes it easier for losing weight.

In conclusion, marijuana seeds come with numerous beneficial properties. And we have the expectation that over time these will get more appreciation and market. The reason is that more people could easily include them in their daily diet.


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