How To Train Cannabis Plants From Seed


If you are going to grow marijuana plants, then you might be thinking that from where you should start. You can grow plants from seeds or you can do the creation of a plant from a cutting. You can take into consideration the pros and cons of seeds versus cuttings for deciding.

  • Growing from a cutting of an existing plant particularly clones the plants. The reason is that you could know what you are getting. You will get a female plant if you clone a female plant.
  • Although, you can clone an auto-flowering strain technically. Usually, it is not worth the trouble. The reason behind this is that the clone does not do the production of nearly a similar yield. If you have the desire of growing auto-flowering strain, then you could buy auto-flowering marijuana seeds.
  • Until you buy feminized marijuana seeds, that comes with an extremely high likelihood of growing into feminine plants. You are not capable of looking at a seed whether it is a seed that will produce male or female plants. You have the requirement of planting a bunch of seeds. Then you have to wait until you could do the determination of whether the plant is female or male. After that, you can do the dispose of male plants.
  • Generally, the plants from seeds are more vigorous. In fact, sometimes growers of marijuana grow cuttings. And they facilitate them for going to seed for the revitalization of the genetics of plants.

Warning: If you are in such a location where marijuana is illegal then probably the growing of it would also be illegal. It will be extremely difficult to bring in seeds or cuttings to your location. And reputable sellers of marijuana will not ship these to you. Probably you can purchase and grow hemp seeds and plants. The reason is that these certainly come with a negotiable amount of THC.

But, these plants will not do the production of the psychoactive effects of plants that comprise higher levels of THC. You can check with your seller to get assured about you are getting that what you are thinking you are purchasing. You will end up being extremely disappointed after harvesting if you buy seeds for CBD-only plants by mistake.

How can you acquire seeds or cuttings?

Usually, you can find marijuana seeds for sale at most dispensaries. It is so in those areas where it is legal to grow marijuana for personal use. You may also find growers who sell clones or cuttings. One can have the expectation of paying $50 to $100 for a pack of ten seeds.

You must read labels and any other information that the manufacturer serves you on their website. Or you can find that information on their catalog which you must read while buying seeds or cuttings. It is for ensuring that you are getting the right seeds or cuttings for those plants which you desire for growing.

Given below are some characteristics which you must take into consideration when you are buying seeds or cuttings:

  • Feminized seeds: Nearly all seeds are feminized seeds that reputable companies sell. But, you must ensure that they are actually feminized. Especially these seeds get treated for growing into female plants.
  • Feminized seeds: Nearly all seeds are feminized seeds that reputable companies sell. But, you must ensure that they are actually feminized. Especially these seeds get treated for growing into female plants.
  • Feminized seeds: Nearly all seeds are feminized seeds that reputable companies sell. But, you must ensure that they are actually feminized. Especially these seeds get treated for growing into female plants.
  • Blend: The blend does the representation of the percentage of the three species: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. All auto-flower strains of marijuana comprise some percentage of Ruderalis. It is responsible for the auto-flowering nature of the plant.
  • Yield indoors: When you are growing indoors the number of grams of bud per square meter of plant.
  • Yield outdoors: When you are growing outdoors, the number of grams of bud per plant after drying.
  • Plant height indoors: These are shorter in contrast to when grown outdoors.
  • Plant height outdoors: These are taller in contrast to when grown indoors.
  • Time for harvesting: After germination, the number of weeks the flower must get ready for harvesting.
  • Potency: Percentage of THC and CBD.
  • Effect: You can have the expectation of the type of experience when you are doing the consumption of the product from the plant.

Know the laws about purchasing marijuana

You have to research the country, province, state, and local laws before purchasing marijuana seeds or cuttings. It is in regards to possessing, buying, selling, and transporting seeds or cuttings across borders. Considerably rules and regulations vary:

  • Laws prohibit the growth of marijuana in some European countries but seeds are legal. However, it seems quite confusing. You are permitted to purchase and eat marijuana seeds. The reason is that they are non-psychotropic. But, you can’t buy them for growing marijuana. Other countries in Europe, for instance, Germany, have their own seeds laws.
  • In Canada, seeds can be shipped across provincial lines where marijuana is federally legal.
  • You can buy seeds from dispensaries or some other locations in some states in which marijuana is legal. It is for growing plants as long as you keep those in the state. Other states might bar selling to non-licensed growers. It is illegal to do the selling or transportation of seeds across state or international borders. However, a few reputable online marijuana seed stores ship to individuals successfully.

You have to carefully research the store and check the reviews for making certain that they are having a solid track record. It is so when you are going to buy marijuana seeds online and have them shipped to you.

Typically in legalized locations, the treatment of the cuttings gets done in a similar manner. For picking up delivery with a fee these might be available from some outlets or dispensaries. You can do the purchasing of the individual plants and you can mix and match strains. Prices are different and most often you can determine it by the size of the plant.

You can buy clones only from a highly reputable source that has a better understanding of the proper backcrossing of strains for stability. Back-crossing is inclusive of pollinating a plant with one of the parent plants for the promotion of sexual stability. As a result of this, during flowering when you are having a female it will not hermaphrodite into a male.

Most often, you can purchase both seeds and clones from commercial locations which are already in your state.

How to germinate marijuana seeds

Germination of marijuana seeds has the requirement of a dark environment that is around 70 degrees. There are numerous ways for the germination of seeds. You can do so in a wet paper towel, soil, starter plugs, etc. You can sow them directly into the soil in a container or garden also, as long as the soil is fluffy and light.

The reason behind this is that the roots can easily grow down and the stalk could break through the soil. You have to do the plantation of the seeds about 1/4 – 1/2-inch deep and you can cover them loosely with soil.

How to do the transplantation of marijuana plants

When you are doing the transplantation of any plant, you have to handle it gently with being extremely careful. You must also remember not to damage the roots when you are doing the transplantation of any plant. You must keep the plant in the center of the pot, and you have to sufficiently plant it deep. It is so for covering the root ball entirely in the soil. If the plant is root bound, gently you can tease the roots apart for encouraging outward growth.

You must pack your soil or other growing mediums down around the roots while new roots grow. You have to do so sufficiently for supporting the plant. But it must not be extremely tight that it would restrict the outward growth of the roots. After that, you have to give water to the soil around the roots.


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