How Much Is An Ounce Of Cannabis In Australia


Australia has done legalization of cannabis for use for medical purposes in the year 2016. However, marijuana is still illegal in Australia for recreational purposes. In general, the support for the use of cannabis has enhanced over the years.

For instance, in the year 2013, 44% of Australians were desired of making the use of cannabis still remain illegal. Meanwhile, 33% of people in Australia have desired the legalization of the drug. However, the results were flipped in the year 2016, as 43% of Australians wanted the drug to get legalized Meanwhile, 32% of those wanted the use of it to remain illegal.

Apart from the legal status of the drug, Australia has not remained stranger to the use of cannabis. No other drug in the country is as much popular as Cannabis. The most widely used drug in Australia is none other than cannabis. 35% of Australian people who are over the age of 14 have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The AIHW has also concluded that marijuana is extremely easy to achieve in Australia.

As this drug is extremely popular in Australia, the knowledge of the measurement of it and the prices of it might be of your interest. Most of your questions related to cannabis might concern those two factors, and if you are aware of these then you might not get cheated.

Here you can find some crucial information on measurements of cannabis such as an ounce of cannabis weed, as well as prices in Australia.

How Much Is An Ounce Of Cannabis In Grammes?

In general, in the world of cannabis, grams are as little as you can get. The exact measurement of cannabis in grams in an ounce is 28.35. However, in the world of cannabis, an ounce of weed basically contains 28 grams for simplifying things.

How Much Does An Ounce Of Cannabis Usually Cost In Australia?

The average cost per ounce of cannabis weed in Australia is generally varied with the quality. The cost of an ounce of high-quality cannabis weed in Australia averages about $325. Meanwhile, the average cost of an ounce of medium-quality cannabis weed is about $280. Further, the prices of weeds are varied by location, supply and demand, and the time of the year.

What is the most common size of the order for Cannabis?

The smallest amount of cannabis that you are likely to be able to purchase is one gram. You will be eligible for getting a couple of cannabis cigarettes with that amount. And it will also be better for a light smoker. However, there is one more common amount that is an eighth or 1/4 of an ounce. For those people who are desired of storing their cannabis and want to avoid frequent trips of purchasing the drug, an ounce is a bit popular among them.

What are the current legal penalties in Australia for being in possession of 1 ounce of weed?

As it is stated, marijuana is still illegal in Australia for recreational use. However, the possession of small amounts of drugs in some areas (North Australia, South Australia, and Australian Capital Territory) has been decriminalized. Meanwhile, in others, the penalties on cannabis have been reduced to fines.

Police officers in some areas are having the option to either caution the offender or charge them. Most of the areas in Australia are just allowed with two cautions per offender. For instance, in Tasmania and Victoria, getting caught with up to 50 grams can land you just a caution.


However, in South Wales, such caution is only applied to 15 grams or less, and an ounce of cannabis would likely get you charged.

There are different laws regarding the punishment for possessing 1 ounce or any other amount of cannabis weed. It is very crucial in Australia for you to do research on laws in your area before embarking on any journey related to cannabis.

Final Words

Marijuana is basically the most widely used illegal drug in Australia. Probably it is also the condition in most of the countries around the world and it is also a reason for the current legislation trend. The popularity of this drug has also led to some moderation in the penalties that are associated with the use of it.

However, as cannabis is illegal so the penalties are still existing with it. Thus, if you are going to make any cannabis-related decisions, then it would be wise for you to do your research first. Your research should also be inclusive of the measurements and common prices of cannabis.


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