Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis strain consists of 70% Indica & 30% Sativa
  • The THC levels of Wedding cake are around 17%
  • Wedding Cake is an easy strain for growing indoors and outdoors
  • It serves you with a feeling of relaxation while remaining sharp
  • The size of the wedding cake plants is average
  • Wedding Cake strain starts flowering between 9 to 10 weeks


➔ Plant Type: 70% Indica & 30% Sativa
➔ THC: Up to 70%
➔ CBD: Insignificant amounts
➔ Flowers: 9 to 10 weeks


Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds are widely popular for their sweet taste it and the harmony between the Sativa and Indica traits. If you are desired to chilling out but still want to remain sharp, the Wedding Cake cannabis strain is an extremely great choice for you. You can opt for growing wedding cake seeds for getting an easy and smooth experience.

The parents of the wedding cake are Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. This explains that why this strain is sometimes known by the name “Pink Cookies”. The genetics of this strain are the same. Although, it comes with highly delicious, cakey sweetness that is combined with some peppery, earthy tones. Wedding Cake Strain is a true hybrid, the parents of which are also being hybrid as well.

Wedding Cake is not that much difficult for growing. The main reason behind this is that it comes with pretty good resistance to pests, diseases, and environmental stressors. This strain is capable of managing anything from mold to insects, mildew, bacteria, and even major changes in the weather.

Wedding Cake Plants

The Wedding Cake strain contains a bit more Indica than Sativa. But yet it is a healthy mix of the two. For that reason, it comprises the bushy traits of an Indica plant, but it more probably it could get a bit taller.

Experience with the Wedding Cake Strain

Most people are big fans of Wedding Cake strain. For most people, it is a go-to strain. The THC content of it makes it a quite potent strain, without making you feel like you are hit by a train. You will instantly feel the effects of it upon inhaling it. The inhale of this strain is smooth, and the exhale of it is even smoother and sweeter.

The Sative present in this strain is detectable. The reason is the uplifting effects of it. As it has the Girl Scout Cookies background, it serves users with a chilled and relaxed feeling until they feel at peace with the world. Numerous people give preference to this strain because of the effects that stick around for quite a while after smoking.

Taste & Smell of Wedding Cake Strain

The buds of wedding cake are not having a strong odor that is loved by many people particularly when they are making efforts for staying a bit discreet. Nonetheless, when you are smoking this strain, you are going to feel some really lovely scents and tastes. The top flavor of it that you are going to notice is the sweetness of it. Vanilla is another unsurprising but delightful flavor of this strain that you will certainly smell or taste particularly on the exhalation of it.

The major surprising flavor of this wedding cake is the detectable flavor of earthiness. Besides those basic flavors of it, you might also come to detect a spicy ginger taste, some cherry pie flavors, and a bit of nuttiness. Some people even say that they recognize a buttery cookie or something that is most similar to a vanilla wafer.

Uses of Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake strain is excellent at chilling you out and for making you feel happy. This in turn leads to an experience that doesn't make you only enjoy but it is also a comforting aspect for those people who are dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress.

Wedding Cake can also assist in relaxing your tense muscles or alleviating headaches. Some people claim that this strain might assist with a lack of appetite and nausea. Although this strain is relaxing, the Sativa aspect of this strain may serve you with a desire to refrain from doing consumption of it prior to sleeping for the prevention of an active mind.



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