CBD Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  • CBD Cheese Autoflowers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing
  • These are sex feminized auto-flowering
  • These Cheese Autos are having Genotype 25% Indica, 25% Sativa, and 50% Ruderalis
  • The comprehensive life cycle of these kinds of plants is 75 days
  • The time of the outdoor harvests of these plants is April-October
  • The indoor yield from these plants is 450-500 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield is about 60-170 g/plant


➔ Genotype: 25% Indica, 25% Sativa, & 50% Ruderalis
➔ Life Cycle: 75 days
➔ THC: 6%
➔ CBD: 12%
➔ THC/CBD ratio: 1:2


CBD Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds is a very interesting mix of Cheese XXL Auto and Auto CBD. It does the production of 12% CBD and THC that is approximately about 6%. The effects of this strain will serve you with a feeling that is more medicinal instead of psychedelic. Cheese Autoflowering CBD is a strain that comprises 25% Sativa, 25% Indica, & 50% Ruderalis. The mellow and soft effects of it are enhanced by the cheesy and floral scents.

It is clear that the development of this strain was done for serving growers with a cheesy, high-yielding, and CBD-rich auto-flower. From seed to harvest, the entire life cycle lasts for 75 days. Definitely, Cheese Autoflowering is highly recommended for those growers who are desired of receiving a solid dose of CBD for personal use. With long branches and thin leaves, it grows like a cone.

Cheese Autoflowering CBD used to showcase among others, undoubtedly worthy of its predecessors. It comes with special orangey notes that are basically made up of our CBD Auto line and, of course, high levels of cannabidiol. Cheese Autoflowering CBD has become successful in keeping the so-coveted traits of the Cheese dynasty. The highly appreciated scent, homogeneous yielding properties, & stability of it always remain untouched in this new creation. The award-winning genetics is loved by numerous particularly British growers.

Flavor & Fragrance of CBD Cheese

CBD Cheese is everything in the reality of which you can have the expectation from one of the Cheese family and then some. These make all your senses delight, as they promise you of the pungent treats to come when they used to start flowering. However, lovers of the classic Original Cheese will come to notice something that is new and positively delightful in the mix. It is a trait that earns CBD Cheese a home among numerous choices of flavor-loving connoisseurs.

If you haven’t come to notice the citric notes on your nose, there is a slim chance that you will not catch this orangy addition on the exhale. Of course, you will find abundant quintessential cheesiness both in aroma and taste. However, the fresh fruity vibes have been brought into the blend from the CBD Cheese Auto that is famed by CBD Auto parentage which is definitely the gem in this rich ganja glory.


Skunk is a strain that is widely potent that numerous uniformed individuals incorrectly make use of it for referring to any and all strong marijuana. The family of Cheese is a direct descendant of that famed lineage. It should go without saying that these strains of marijuana tend to be some of the highest THC strains around. Such a potent punch might in turn be a huge limiter for those people who are having low THC tolerance or minimal interest in the psychoactive properties of pot. However, when it comes to CBD Cheese Autoflower it is a completely different story.

It is all about the CBD content with this hybrid that used to stand at a reliable 12%, which is completely double the 6% THC levels. The result of this is that once all-powerful psychoactive influence has become dramatically muted in favor of a far mellower experience that facilitates the users for enjoying the complete range of uplifting and relaxing effects that this strain of marijuana has to offer.

When it comes to the high, it is a bit of a creeper, that for some people is the definition of a slow burn. Very soon, you will come to know that a soothing sensation is spreading throughout your body. It paves the way for a state of unrivaled tranquility where anxiety and stress become no more than memories.

Medicinal Uses of CBD Cheese Autoflower

This CBD-heavy hybrid strain of marijuana has been designed by taking into consideration medical users firmly in mind. By tempering the THC content with CBD levels that are high up to 12%, patients who are not interested in the psychoactive elements of cannabis are highly eligible for having the experience of the powerful treatment that could be brought by the CBD Cheese to your table.

CBD Cheese Autoflowers have long been renowned as the most effective means of relieving your stress. The elevated CBD in this member of the family extends that effectiveness to the likes of PTSD, depression, anxiety, arthritis, muscle spasms, insomnia, and persistent pain.


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