Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  • THC Content: 25%
  • Effect: Relaxing
  • Flowering time: 70 – 77 days from seed
  • Genetics: Bruce banner Auto
  • Grows: Indoor/outdoor
  • Medical properties: Yes but not specified
  • Plant height: 110 – 150 cm
  • Sex: Feminised
  • Flowering type: Autoflowering
  • Taste/Aroma: Berry, Sweet, Diesel
  • Variety: Sativa 65% / Indica 35%
  • Yield:Indoors: 450 – 600 gr/m2; Outdoors: 50 – 200 gr/plant


When you will try Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds for the first time then it is going to take just one puff for you to have an understanding of why this strain is named after a superhero. The highly impressive potency of this Bruce Banner will leave you sympathetic to the transformation of the Hulk. It means you will go from sober to stoned without taking any extra time. If you are in search of something that would serve you with a feeling of little more power, then Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds are the hero for which you are actually looking.

Bruce Banner is a strain that is popularly known as the perfect blend of strawberry Diesel & OG Kush on the basis of the original prize-winning Bruce Banner. This Bruce Banner Cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that comes with 60/40 Sativa/Indica genetics.

Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds are combined with a third species of marijuana that is Ruderalis with this already potent strain. Ruderalis plants were originated in Northern Russia, where harsh conditions have led to a marijuana species that can survive even in the harsh conditions and that can also flower very rapidly.

These Bruce Banner Autoflowr Cannabis plants are capable of flowering in just a few weeks, and you will never be required to make adjustments in the light cycles. When you are growing these plants outside you are also not required to follow the rules of the season. If it is sufficiently warm then these will grow definitely.

Growing Bruce Banner Autoflower Cananbis Plants

Bruce Banner Autoflower cannabis plants are intense and hardy just like the big green hero. These plants are extremely easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Whatever the way is, you are required to watch out for the intense scent. It is impossible to miss just like the rest of the plant. You have to do the plantation of your grow in advance and you also have to do the installation of some scent filtration if your neighbors might mind.

Bruce Banner Autoflower marijuana plants are extremely small along with being bushy. So, it is an extremely great option for you to getting most of the space you are having. You must also avoid stress training your plants. The reason is that auto-flower varieties are not having the time for recovering before their flowering phase.

Flowering & Yield

Bruce Banner Autoflowering plants will always flower in just about eight weeks. You can have the expectation of the yields indoors of around 4-6 ounces per square yard with these plants. Usually, these plants stay bushy and short, so these plants are perfect for a shorter indoor grow space.

You will see a little more height when these are grown outdoors, but it is not too much. And still, you will yield about 4-6 ounces per plant. Regardless of the solar cycle, these plants will also be ready in just about eight weeks. You are only required to ensure that the nights stay warm for getting the most out of your plants. These plants are remarkably very simple for growing other than that even for beginners.

Experiencing The Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain

Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis strain reveals an intense depth of happiness, not anger. Just a puff of Bruce Banner will leave you with a feeling of high energy, euphoria, and creativity for hours at a time. Bruce Banner is a perfect choice to assist you in lifting up if you are not feeling up to heroics. The intense happiness that used to hit the head high makes this strain an ideal way for overcoming a dark mood. It doesn’t matter that what is your feeling before the toke. Afterward, you will be ready for a good night.

There is no stopping for Bruce Banner strain. This strain is incredibly intense, so it would be smarter for you to consume this strain slowly at first. However, you will not get sufficient euphoric feeling, but you might get a little annoyed at the dry eyes and dry mouth from overindulging. So, you must keep the water nearby that would assist you in keeping things from dying out.

Taste & Smell of Bruce Banner

The smell of Bruce Banner is just as potent as the high packed by it. It will be unmistakable long before harvest that you are growing an absolutely impressive strain. You are required to get prepared for this in advance as it could assist you in keeping the smell from reaching your neighbors. The scent is an exceptional combo of sweet fruits and diesel. Since the combination of fuel and strawberry is hard to miss, true fans can recognize it from a single whiff.


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