How To Grow Your Cannabis Faster?


It is a very time-consuming process to grow cannabis. And most marijuana growers are eager for getting to the curing stage as soon as it is possible. However, we would like to warn you. If you will speed up the process, it can harm the strength and quality of the end product.

You have to take a decision on whether you have a requirement of faster weed or more weed. It is a matter of weighing up the balance between your final result and your patience. If you are eager to learn about how to grow your cannabis faster. We have done the compilation of our favorite tried and tested tricks. These are for assisting you in reaping the rewards of your labors in as little time as it is possible.

As the marijuana plants that you grow outdoors are subject to the limitations of the weather and seasons. And these are just impossible for you to change. So, this article focuses on indoor methods.

How To Make Your Cannabis Plants Grow Faster?

Start the flowering phase as quickly as possible

When you are growing your marijuana plants indoors from ordinary seeds. You have to decide when you want to switch your plants from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase. You can do so by making changes in your lighting schedule. When you will reduce the total hours of daylight, it stimulates your plants to do the production of buds. And the flowering stage will begin after that. Usually, it is about two to three months after sowing, it is dependent on the variety.

However, technically it is possible to make your seedling do the production of buds in a good amount. It is as quick as they sprout and bypass the vegetative stage altogether. Northern Lights is a variety that comes with a flowering time that lasts for two months. If seedlings do production of flowers as quickly as they germinate.

Theoretically, it is possible to do the harvesting of these in as little as three months. It is about two months quicker than the average growth time of five months. However, the amount of yield will always be much less. The simple reason behind this is that the seedling will not have enough time for growing stems. The need for stems is there for doing the production of buds.

If you are genuinely impatient, then a practical solution for you is to cut short the vegetative phase. The yield will be much less. But these will be much more than by completely skipping the vegetative stage. You have to allow your plants to vegetate for a shorter period of time than that accepted in order to switch rapidly to flowering.

Certainly, the weed will not be extraordinary. But these are always more than by making the plant flower from the sowing stage. It could take three more weeks. For instance, in which case you will be capable of harvesting after about 14-15 weeks.

During the vegetative phase, you could also serve your plants with a complete twenty-four hours of daylight. It is for encouraging the growth of stems and leaves. It will make you capable of reaching the flowering stage. Without compromising so much on the eventual yield, it will be a little sooner.

Speeding up the flowering phase

You can speed up the flowering phase of your cannabis plant by one to two weeks. However, it will also stop the vertical growth of your marijuana plant. The best option for growing your marijuana plant to the height that you want is by maintaining it while you are in the vegetative phase. It can also enhance your yields. You have to be careful, as this stuff is highly potent and it can cause root burn.

Another method which you can opt for is to switch your plants to 10 hours of light in a day. It will encourage your plants to become ripe more soon. This method works on Indica varieties at its best. It has a shorter flowering cycle than Sativas and Hazes, along with higher yields.

When your marijuana plant receives less than 13 or 14 hours of light on a daily basis, automatically they will start flowering. Harvesting of these occurs in the autumn when the hours of light begin to reduce. You can mimic this indoors and you can also speed up the time of harvest.

When you do manipulations in the hours of light from 13 to 10. It will force your plants to do the production of buds much faster than they would do outdoors. All marijuana strains respond to these types of manipulations in light. It is by doing the production of buds at a faster rate.

However, there are mainly consequences that relate to growth. The marijuana buds will stop growing which will affect your yields. However, the THC content will not get affected necessarily. Usually, the plants grow during the hours of daylight. So, if you reduce these for speeding up things, then your harvest will definitely be smaller.

Selection of a fast-growing strain

The selection of seeds that have a short flowering stage is one of the easiest ways for reaching the harvest very soon. You must always buy seeds from established and reputable sellers. They will display the flowering and growing times on their websites. Those strains which are having longer times usually tend to perform better when you grow these outdoors. The reason is that they receive more sunshine. However, most often the varieties having short flowering phases do the production of marijuana of equally good quality.

You must also keep in your mind that auto-flowering seeds automatically switch to flowering. So, you need not have worry about making alterations in the light cycle. Usually, these strains take about three months for going from seed to harvest. It is quicker than non-auto-flowering varieties.

Plant Clones Instead of Sowing Seeds

It will save you a couple of weeks when you plant clones instead of germinating seeds. Clones are plug plants that are sold with a well-established root system. So, all you require to do is to pop them into the soil. There is also one downside that genetically clones are weeker. And these are less likely to survive than those plants that usually grow from seeds. These plants are more likely to succumb to mold, pests, and diseases.

Start Pruning

If you prune your cannabis plant it encourages them in focusing their energy on doing the production of buds instead of leaves. You must remove yellow leaves, extra stems, and dying. It is facilitating your plants in concentrating their efforts on the growth of buds.

Make Sure Your Plants Have All They Require

All plants including marijuana have a requirement for water, sunlight, and nutrients for their survival. If you want to grow your marijuana plant as healthy and rapidly as possible. You require to make sure that they are having all three in their correct quantities. You can do the addition of nutrients to the soil with fertilizer. Or you can add those directly into the water if you are making use of a hydroponic system.


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