Oreoz Autoflower Cannabis Seeds By Greenpointseeds

  1. Autoflowering seeds for straightforward cultivation.
  2. THC levels of 18-22% for a balanced and enjoyable high.
  3. Creamy, cookie-like flavors with a hint of sweetness.
  4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing setups.
  5. Compact plant size for discreet cultivation.
  6. Quick flowering in just 8-9 weeks from germination.
  7. Robust strain with high resistance to pests and diseases.
  8. Perfect for relaxation and unwinding.
  9. Ideal for beginner and experienced growers.
  10. Bountiful yields for a gratifying harvest.


Discover the perfect balance of potency and flavor with our Oreoz Autoflower Seeds. Specially crafted for cannabis enthusiasts, these premium seeds produce a delightful strain that’s both easy to grow and immensely satisfying. Indulge in the creamy, cookie-like taste, reminiscent of everyone’s favorite treat. With its autoflowering properties, cultivating Oreoz is a breeze, making it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned growers alike. Prepare to be enchanted by the smooth and uplifting high that accompanies the delectable flavors. For an unparalleled cannabis experience, look no further than our Oreoz Autoflower Seeds.

Growing Guides:

  • Soil & Nutrients: Opt for well-draining soil with a neutral pH. Provide balanced nutrients throughout the growing stages for optimal development.
  • Lighting: Supply 18-20 hours of light during the vegetative phase and reduce it to 12 hours during flowering.
  • Temperature & Humidity: Maintain temperatures between 70-80°F (20-27°C) during the day and slightly lower at night. Maintain humidity levels around 40-50%.
  • Watering: Water moderately, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings to prevent waterlogging.
  • Training: Utilize low-stress training techniques to encourage lateral growth and enhance light penetration.
  • Harvest: Expect a rewarding harvest in approximately 8-9 weeks from germination.


Oreoz Autoflower tantalizes the senses with its delightful taste profile. Immerse yourself in the creamy and decadent flavors, reminiscent of classic cookies with a hint of sweetness. As you savor each inhale, you’ll be enveloped in the enchanting aroma of freshly baked treats. The taste lingers on your palate, leaving you yearning for more of this delectable strain.


Q: What is the THC content in Oreoz Autoflower Seeds?

A: Our Oreoz Autoflower Seeds boast a THC level ranging from 18-22%, delivering a potent and balanced high.

Q: Can I grow Oreoz Autoflower Seeds indoors and outdoors?

A: Absolutely! Oreoz Autoflower Seeds flourish in both indoor and outdoor environments, granting growers flexibility and convenience.

Q: How tall do these plants usually grow?

A: These autoflowering plants typically reach a height of around 24-36 inches (60-90 cm) indoors and slightly taller when cultivated outdoors.

Q: Is Oreoz suitable for beginner growers?

A: Certainly! Oreoz Autoflower Seeds are user-friendly and resilient, making them an excellent choice for novices.


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